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published on 18 December 2020

The Company, well known in the motorcycle world, has reached half a century of life. A goal that deserves a narration, a short story to share, which highlights the important moments experienced during this long path of growth.

As indicated in the title, at the origin of everything there is a great passion for engines. The month is December 1970; the place is the industrial area of the province of Teramo, in Abruzzo. That's where Metal Industria Val Vibrata was born, immediately known as MIVV.

MIVV is a family-run Company, independent from any international group and therefore fully autonomous as regards production and market choices. Its core business has always focused on developing components and complete exhaust systems for motor vehicles, for both aftermarket and original equipment, using high quality standards and highly efficient production processes.

In the 1970s, the production of MIVV exhausts was exclusively for the automotive sector; the bikes will arrive twenty years later. The company has the qualities to aspire to a fair success, so much so as to build in 1982 and 1988 the second and third factory.

At the beginning of the 90s, in those 25 thousand square meters, the roar of cars is joined by the motorcycles one.

The necessary technical boost is provided by the automotive standard, a true reference in the automotive sector, with which the company is confronted in the first two decades. Given this experience, it becomes almost natural to develop tailpipes that are reliable and able to guarantee maximum performance and even style.

Cars or motorcycles, the distinctive feature of this story, as well as passion, must be sought in the proven company expertise. The high level of preparation of the engineers working in the R&D department allows MIVV to design and produce motorcycle exhausts with an unassailable technological content, able to offer a new concept of aesthetics, linked to performance, which is trending . A winning approach able to meet the needs of motorcycle manufacturers and of course the expectations of motorcyclists themselves.

But it's not enough: at a certain point MIVV meets the world of speed, circuits and begins to collaborate with official teams engaged in the Italian, European and World Championships. An important step that, in addition to expertise, adds the necessary know-how for the development of new exhausts to become an important reference for each of the attitudes in which the motorcycle world is recognized

Right now, 50 years after its birth, the second generation is fully involved in renewing that fundamental momentum that has allowed the company to remain a leading player in a market where excellence has now become an essential must.

We asked the CEO, Dr. Filippo Rosati, for a brief comment:

What is the secret that has allowed MIVV to reach its half-century of life?
Commitment, motivation and determination. Without these requirements it is difficult to achieve both national and international success and recognition.

Is there still a goal to reach?
Even more than one. Perhaps the most challenging will be to see the third generation at the helm of the MIVV company.

Who are you dedicating this important anniversary to?
To the unforgettable Giovanni Palazzese, who recently passed away. Co-Founder and at the helm of MIVV since the early 1980s, for decades he has carried out his mandate with passion and foresight, always putting the company first. A very special thanks to him.