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Our company is consistently committed to achieving a zero defect performance.

Our customers demand products with faultless quality, and we make sure that any improvements to our manufacturing processes are always to the advantage of product quality.

Continuous improvement is the essence of our quality management system. The whole company structure is involved in this process, our customers appreciate our commitment, and trust our actions

Our duties and objectives:

1. Quality management system

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified;
  • Process oriented quality management system, including support and core processes.

2. Quality planning

  • the product development process includes all the methodologies and procedures, from the offer stage to the standard production;
  • analysis of customer requirements;
  • analysis of risks, including their assessment and minimization;
  • automotive sector analysis methodologies applied to the production of samples for customer approval (FMEA, SPC, etc.).

3. Quality control

  • production samples complying with customer requirements;
  • quality level assessment on all incoming supplies, and continuous supplier performance assessment activities;
  • specific control plan and packaging specifications for each product.

4. Continuous improvement

  • Systematic analysis of key company indicators and benchmarking against core process objectives

5. Welding

  • Welding process certified according to UNI EN ISO 3834-2:2006
  • Welding operators certified according to EN ISO 9606-1 and EN ISO 14732
  • Welding Coordinator certified EN ISO 14731