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Quality Policy

The MIVV Quality Policy highlights the objectives and the commitments undertaken by the Board, based on the company strategies, towards its customers, the market, and the personnel of the company itself, with the purpose of ensuring that the performance levels of the Quality Management System are maintained and improved, in compliance with the relevant regulatory and legal requirements.

The MIVV Quality Management System must enable the fulfilment of the commitments undertaken.
For this reason, the Board believes that the participation of all personnel is paramount in the implementation of the Quality Management System, in order to reach full customer satisfaction and the consolidation of MIVV image on the market.

MIVV mission is to ensure maximum satisfaction for customers by supplying engine silencing products.

In order to reach and maintain an important position in the market and ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty, MIVV is constantly committed to:

  • developing management techniques and methods aimed at meeting customers’ requirements, predicting their expectations, and providing solutions that are of value to the customer.
  • working with the objective of developing new highly technologically advanced products;
  • accelerating “time to market” by using the most innovative and reliable technical tools, making the organisation more efficient, and exploiting all possibilities as required.

To fulfil its mission MIVV intends to:

  • Develop and maintain a Quality Management System as a tool for reaching the objectives, fulfil the commitments undertaken, promote the continuous improvement of company processes, ensure compliance with the legal requirements of the products.
  • engage all the energies and capabilities available in listening to the indications, suggestions, and wishes of the customer,
  • focus each activity on the needs of the customers, to satisfy them as best and as quickly as possible, in order to reach a primary position in the market;  
  • consolidate  the relationships with partners in order to ensure that customers are presented with products of higher value, safer, more reliable, and of high technological level, at reasonable prices;
  • promote appropriate culture and methods throughout the organisation, so that all workers are consistently capable of delivering the best possible service to the customer;
  • ensure a high level of satisfactions of all personnel by striving for maximum loyalty and sense of responsibility.
  • encourage personnel and the management team to fulfil their attitudes, interests and predispositions, and develop their technical and organisational skills;

In carrying out its mission MIVV undertakes a commitment:

  • towards its customers, to supply products that meet the legal requirements and are of high quality, to demonstrate transparency and reliability, to ensure the quality of the products at competitive prices, through the analysis and the containment of costs;
  • towards its suppliers, to promote a profitable “alliance”, in order to become an active part in the definition of the performance and the characteristics of the product, and to supply the necessary support for the understanding and the definition of the requirements of the Customer and the legal product requirements.
  • towards its personnel, to promote initiative, encourage professional growth, ensure profitable and serene professional relationships, guarantee a safe working environment where everyone can be satisfied;