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MIVV on-track... winning DNA

For a leading manufacturer of exhaust systems, having the racing chromosomes, that carry the experiences gained on all the world racing tracks, is of fundamental importance. This is the only way one can guarantee top performance also for those products intended for road users.

We have been writing the soundtrack of the most successful motorsport disciplines for 15 years.
For a company wanting to achieve total excellence in a field such as ours, full commitment to the racing world is a must.
Only by testing and developing products in the most demanding conditions, one can in fact acquire the skills and the experience needed for devising products capable of offering the best performance also for everyday driving conditions.

The results confirm the validity of this vision. The most prestigious one has undoubtedly been the Moto GP title, won in 2006 with Hayden. But what we are most proud of is the appreciation and the acclaim from thousands of motorcyclists that every year choose MIVV exhausts to improve the performance of their motorbikes.

Faithful to this philosophy, our future commitments will be more and more dependant on our collaboration with the motorsport racing world.



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