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Custom made excellence products

Human resource excellence
Thanks to a specially conceived department made of highly qualified personnel, we are able to dynamically and efficiently meet the requirements for made to measure products.
All the processes are manually developed, with an only partial implementation of semi-automatic processes. During assembly, either MIG or TIG welding solutions may be applied.


Prototypes, special series, and racing products
Our company is capable of developing and creating prototypes, manufacturing special ranges in low quantities, and developing hand-made products for the racing world. cont.»


Light products
Our in-depth knowledge of thin-wall-technology means that we are also able to implement it during mass productions, where there is a continuous strive for lighter, more economically friendly and less polluting products. cont.»


For years we have been working with several teams competing at world level. We provide them with our technology, supplying made to measure products, using low thickness innovative materials, thus ensuring consistent weight gain, and low counter-pressure levels. cont. »