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R&D - development and testing

In order to develop highly efficient top quality products, our engineers are always committed to developing the best solutions in terms of materials (stainless steel, titanium) that offer the best weight saving, mechanical and chemical resistance performance, taking into account the various market segments the exhausts are intended for, and in line with the current design targets.

During the years, we have acquired a high level of know-how in the use of specific technical solutions for the production of low thickness (0.8 mm) materials, and the design and manufacturing of air-gap or double wall tubes capable of minimizing heat loss and noise in some sections of the exhaust.

In addition to directing our decisions towards the best technical solutions in terms of noise and counter-pressure reductions, the use of simulation and calculation software also helps reducing “time to market” periods, presenting the customer with efficient solutions in the shortest possible time.

As far as the reduction of polluting gases are concerned, our engineers work with the design departments of our customers to identify the best alternatives.

The design activities are made faster thanks to the use of the Cad Siemens Nx system, which gives the possibility of a close collaboration with the customer. We also support the customer during the prototype testing stages, paying particular attention to acoustic and counter-pressure measurements.

An appropriate department develops the products, through prototypes, samples and small production series, providing the customer with extremely fast response.